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At The Wild Together we believe in the restorative powers of nature and their ability to enrich daily life in a way nothing else can.


Following a failed search for a transparent, organic, high-performance skincare brand that delivered noticeable results, we set out to create The Wild Together with a singular vision: to radically shift the consciousness of the luxury care industry without compromising on quality, ethics or aesthetics. The cosmetics industry has developed with questionable chemicals, false promises and a negligent impact on the earth and its inhabitants. We chose to create a new kind of brand. 

The Wild Together was created to answer all skin needs without the commitment to a whole host of single-focussed products – promoting a more conscious consumerism. Our unique and powerful ingredients are formulated in a way that maintains their efficacy and potency, before being packaged in a way that delivers those ingredients to your skin in their most active form. 

We also wanted to give everyone access to better luxury skincare standards, so we decided to take a direct-to-consumer approach – without intermediaries. This allows us to guarantee the finest quality natural and organic products at fair prices for everyone our brand touches.

By remaining true to our vision, we hope to offer a real alternative to the current consumer model while making a significant difference both to species protection and conservation [through our Project Wild initiative] and, of course, to your skin.

We believe the choices we make, however small, can make a difference – and that when we make these choices as a collective, we have the power to shape a brighter future and to leave this world a better place for us having been here.

Thank you for being a part of our wild tribe. We hope you enjoy the restorative powers of nature for many days to come.

Robyn + James - Founders, The Wild Together

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