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Every product purchased goes towards supporting and shaping initiatives around the protection and preservation of the natural world.

Project Wild

We believe we can all make a difference and with a passion to protect our precious natural environment, we set out in creating Project Wild. The Wild Together donates a fixed amount from each product sold to Wild.org to help protect and conserve the natural wonders of the world. 

WILD envisions a bold future for wilderness conservation, one that is about unity, not isolation, and integrity, not exclusion. They are creating a world in which nature is safe because governments and grassroots organizations coordinate around large-scale solutions, unified in respect for each other and nature, to keep Earth wild.

We hope to make a significant difference to species protection and conservation projects worldwide in the years to come. Thank you for your support in helping us to make a difference together.

The Wild Together - Project Wild

Future Projects

We are always looking for new initiatives that can help support and shape the protection and preservation of the natural world. If you are involved in a project like this or would like to recommend one then please get in touch – projectwild@thewildtogether.com.

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